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There are currently 16800+ Hadoop openings in USA. India will face a shortage of nearly 200,000 Data Scientists by the end of year 2018. A large gap in expertise of big data is predicted around the world. The candidates with great Hadoop knowledge can command a great job at the location and salary of his choice. According to Indeed (#1 job site), the average salary paid to Hadoop professionals is around $102,000. This salary increases further for experienced folks. You can check the Learn Hadoop Fast website for more details.


What is special about the training from learnhadoopfast?

The ‘Learn Hadoop Fast’ training includes Hadoop application performance tuning and reference architecture. This training has been prepared in collaboration with the Hadoop Architects with rich practical experience in peta byte sized data warehouses.

What is special about this training?

  • The training includes a project work very close to real life
  • Provides a proven step by step guide on how you can use your Hadoop skills to increase your salary including guidance for interview and resume preparation
  • Instructor led online session on Hadoop
  • Life time access to the lessons, so you can review any time at your convenience
  • Support from the instructor via chat and email


I have good experience in IT industry but as a people manager for last few years. Will learning Hadoop help me?

I get questions from several people on ‘I have good experience in IT industry but as a people manager for last few years. Will learning Hadoop help me?’.

There is definitely no reason why learning a new technology will not help, that too in IT industry. If you are already working as an Architect or a Senior Manager or PreSales lead, there are some skills you would have acquired such as Management, handling customer escalations, building and nurturing a team, handling people issues, handling delivery issues, handling presales or proposals – these are valuable skills for which lot of folks are paying a huge amount to MBA colleges to acquire these skills. The new technology such as Hadoop will be an additional skill and combined with your existing skills, you can easily become a Hadoop Architect or Hadoop Senior Manager or Hadoop PreSales lead etc – for which there is rarely any competition in the market as the technology itself is new and hardly anybody is there with 10 years of experience in Hadoop itself except few guys in Google, Amazon or Facebook.

It is in our hands to identify our own strengths and convert them to an advantage for us. This will be a win win for you and your company too, as the companies are looking for folks who are proactive and develop their own additional skills. Every IT Company CEO has told that the technology disruption is the single biggest challenge in front of their companies.

Please remember that Rome is not built in a single day. So starting a journey to learn and keeping yourself motivated is very important. Even if it takes bit more time, or even double the time, the journey and the results will be worthwhile. One year from now, you would rather be happy that you started to learn and take charge of your career proactively, rather than regret that you are stuck at the same situation.

I have personally seen few folks who have successfully changed their career path within the same company or in a different company.

Changing within the same company: I have seen my friend who was earlier in a Mainframe technology and was a people’s manager at offshore. He was transferred to onsite as a Hadoop program manager. He had to struggle for first 2 to 3 months but with the help of continuous learning and his hard work, he made a good mark for himself.

I have personally trained few folks who had experience in Oracle and few folks who had experience in Teradata to switch to Hadoop successfully.

It is a common trend in IT industry that for new technologies the senior folks with good learnability skills are recruited from other technologies and they in turn mentor or create their own teams. The folks who lead such learnability for self and for their teams get good rewards too apart from their own reskilling.

Changing to a different company: I have seen a friend who had invested in some trainings and own personal time to learn Hadoop and since he could not opportunity within his own company, he found multiple opportunities in other companies and chose the best one among them.

How many days are required to learn Hadoop?

I am getting questions from my friends such as How many days are required to learn Hadoop? or How long does it take to learn Hadoop?

I am going to make few assumptions. Let us assume that you can spend 1 hour a day in a focused manner. There are multiple career paths in Hadoop: let us assume that you want to be a Hadoop and Hive developer. Let us also assume that you have basic knowledge of programming and SQL.

We can break down the skills involved in learning the Hadoop to following sub-skills:

  • Learning the basic concepts of Hadoop
  • Practice the basic concepts of Hadoop
  • Mock project in Hadoop
  • A project in Hadoop closer to real time which can be added to your profile that will establish your expertise

It takes about a month to learn the basics of Hadoop. This includes the understanding of benefits of Hadoop, the use cases of Hadoop to decide where Hadoop can be used and where Hadoop cannot be used. At this point in time, you will be able to talk confidently about Hadoop to the managers on Hadoop and give right recommendations to them regarding whether and where Hadoop will fit in the roadmap of your company.

It takes about a month to practice the basics of Hadoop. At this time, you can take a basic Hadoop developer certification such as ‘HDP Certified Developer’ from Hortonworks. The knowledge and the hands on experience will give you tremendous confidence and you will be able to discuss about Hadoop in depth.

It takes about 1 to 2 months to do a mock project in Hadoop with medium complexity.

So, within 4 months, you will be able to gain a reasonable expertise on Hadoop.

It takes about 1 to 2 months to do a project closer to real time experience. Once you complete this, you can confidently talk about your Hadoop expertise. You can pick and choose the complex Hadoop projects that are critical for your company citing your expertise. People will be able to acknowledge your expertise based on your knowledge and experience.

The above information is based on my own experience. For few folks, the time may be shorter, and for few junior folks, there may be more time required. Please remember that Rome is not built in a single day. So starting a journey and keeping yourself motivated is very important. Even if it takes bit more time, or even double the time, the journey and the results will be worthwhile.

How can I find time to learn Hadoop in my busy schedule?

Taking action is the most important thing and congratulations for taking the first action of checking this website.

May be you are thinking “I don’t have time as my work is very busy. How will I find time to learn a new technology?”. May be you are working on a very hectic project. May be you are in a very busy phase of your life. So you are thinking that you don’t have time.

Here is a good article from Wall Street Journal: “There was a time, not so long ago, when I was busy, busy, busy. At least I thought I was. I told people I worked 60 hours a week. I claimed to sleep six hours a night. As I lamented to anyone stuck next to me at parties, I was basically too busy to breathe…. My secret? I started keeping track of how I spent my time, logging how many hours and minutes I devoted to different activities such as work, sleep and chores. I soon realized I’d been lying to myself about where the time was going. What I thought was a 60-hour workweek wasn’t even close. I would have guessed I spent hours doing dishes when in fact I spent minutes. I spent long stretches of time lost on the Internet or puttering around the house, unsure exactly what I was doing.”

Here are the important tips to manage your time, which I will explain in more details in the course:
– Creating an environment suitable to your activities.
– Setting of prorities.
– Doing things around your priorities.
– Reducing time spent on non-priorities.
– Encouraging yourself to stick to deadlines.

Please email info@learnhadoopfast.com for getting the first three days of Hadoop learning course material for free which includes the topics of ‘How can you find time to learn Hadoop in your busy schedule(much more details), How learning Hadoop will increase your salary and Basic concepts of Hadoop’

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